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November 26, 2022
Bill Gates is at it again... Also in this newsletter: PFAS polluters are being sued, PFAS in pet food bags, junk food addiction, and more...

Bill Gates Says Every Piece Of Bread He's Ever Eaten Is From 'Genetically-Modified Wheat': Why He's Rooting For GMOs

Our Commentary: Bill Gates proves himself to be an idiot every time he opens his mouth about agriculture and farming: Bill has been using his money and global political influence to try to force GMO/chemical industrial farming practices into Africa for decades. Why? Because there are billions to be made if Africans adopt farming systems reliant on expensive, patented GMO seeds, synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that destroy fertile soil and put farmers on a never-ending treadmill of technological dependency. Unfortunately for Bill, we're sure he will croak before realizing his newfangled vision for African agriculture. Most Africans see through his fake philanthropy and recognize a corporate colonialist when they see one.

While in Kenya recently, where Bill and his allies have used their influence to get Kenyan politicians to lift the ban on the cultivation and import of GMO crops and animal feed, Bill made some statements that could only have come from an idiot. He claims that every piece of bread he's eaten is made from GMO wheat. The fact is, there has never been any genetically engineered wheat marketed anywhere in the world until recently. The very first GMO wheat approved anywhere in the world only started to be commercially grown in Argentina last year. Bill also claimed any corn he's ever eaten is GMO corn. Fact: GMO corn was only adopted and widely grown since the late 1990s. Bill also claimed that GMO crops have been around for billions of years. Where to even begin on that one? Can you just picture prehistoric humans in a biotech lab? LOL. Fact: These are the statements of an absolute moron who has no business inserting himself into food policy. Not here, not in Africa, not anywhere.

If you haven't already, sign the petition to get Bill Gates out of U.S. agriculture. The U.S. needs to take a lead role in regulating this greedy GMO and pesticide pusher. https://gmofreeusa.salsalabs.org/billgatesfoundationfarmland

And if you really want to watch Bill utter those words of stupidity while at his press conference in Kenya, we have the clip on our Twitter feed: You can watch the video here: https://twitter.com/GMOFreeUSA/status/1594303121055948802


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California sues 3M, DuPont over toxic PFAS 'forever chemicals'

CA is the first state to sue to hold chemical companies accountable for the cleanup of PFAS pollution. CA's attorney general sued 3M, DuPont and several other chemical companies to recoup the "staggering" clean-up costs from toxic pollutants known as "forever chemicals." AG Rob Bonta said the lawsuit followed a multiyear probe that found the companies marketed products containing polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) for decades despite knowing they cause cancer, developmental defects and other health problems. Bonta said the lawsuit could ultimately seek hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties and costs. We hope 49 more states will follow CA's lead and #MakePollutersPay. We, the taxpayers, shouldn't foot the bill for cleaning up their toxic mess!


More and more studies on the harms of PFAS chemicals continue to be published in scientific journals. But corporations would rather greenwash than change their toxic ways. That's why GMO/Toxin Free USA has been stepping up, testing products and filing consumer protection lawsuits against companies that make health, safety or sustainability claims about products made with PFAS chemicals. As evidence of widespread PFAS pollution continues to grow, we feel a sense of urgency to clean up the mess. If they won't willingly change for the sake of human and environmental health, we need to make them pay attention. Read about our first 3 PFAS lawsuits HERE, HERE and HERE. More are on the way...


Most U.S. pet food contaminated with PFAS ‘forever chemicals’, study finds

Pet food companies are poisoning your pets with toxic PFAS "forever chemicals". Testing found extremely high levels of PFAS in pet food bags, which likely leach into the pet food. For cats, the highest levels were detected in the Meow Mix Tender Centers salmon and chicken flavors dry cat food. PFAS was also found in Purina Cat Chow Complete chicken, Blue Buffalo, Iams and Rachael Ray Nutrish. For dogs, Kibbles ’n Bits bacon and steak flavor had extremely high levels, followed by Blue Buffalo’s Life Protection Formula chicken and brown rice recipe. The study found PFAS in the parts per million. PFAS have been found to be harmful in the parts per trillion. That's right, PARTS PER TRILLION. Corporations like Purina, J.M. Smucker (owner of Rachael Ray), and General Mills (owner of Blue Buffalo) are poisoning your pets and refuse to remove PFAS. If you care about your pets and buy these brands, you need to call and tell them to stop using PFAS.


Glyphosate exposure in pregnancy linked to lower birth weights

Another study showing how glyphosate is a risk to our babies. The study, published in the journal Environmental Health, found that glyphosate exposure during pregnancy is linked to lower birth weights for babies. Lower birth weights are linked to many health problems later in life, from diabetes to heart problems. The researchers also found that mothers with high-risk pregnancies who had higher glyphosate levels in their urine during the first trimester were also more likely to have babies admitted to neonatal intensive care units, or NICUs. Dr Paul Winchester, co-author of the study and professor of clinical pediatrics at the University of Indiana Medical School, told the environmental publication EHN, "Virtually all the major chronic diseases suffered from in adulthood can be linked to being smaller at birth.”


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Highly processed foods can share the addictive qualities of tobacco, researchers say

Big Food scientists want to make us a nation of unhealthy GMO junk food addicts. We either directly eat the GMO crops that go into conventional processed junk food, or the animals force-fed GMO crops in animal factory farms - all of which are ultra-cheap due to the subsidies provided by taxpayers, to our own detriment. In a debate article in the journal Addiction, researchers conclude that highly processed foods' addictive potential "may be a key factor contributing to the high public health costs associated with a food environment dominated by cheap, accessible and heavily marketed" highly processed foods. They compare highly processed foods to tobacco. "The ability of highly processed foods to rapidly delivery unnaturally high doses of refined carbohydrates and fat appear key to their addictive potential," said Alex DiFeliceantonio, associate director of the Center for Health Behaviors Research at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC. Tobacco manufacturers and the general public were slow to accept that tobacco was addictive and harmful. "This delayed the implementation of effective strategies to address this public health crisis."


J.M. Smucker knew about Jif’s Salmonella trouble but did not report it as required by law

J.M. Smucker is a truly truly despicable, criminal food corporation. Smuckers knew that Jif brand peanut butter from their plant in Lexington, KY, was infecting people with Salmonella Senftenberg as early as December 2021 and as late as February 2022, but opted to keep it a secret. The company did not make the required report to the Food and Drug Administration or initiate recalls. Of course, our corporate-friendly "regulatory" agencies have done nothing and no Smucker executives have gone to jail like they should have. So what do we do? BOYCOTT. Download the graphic we've created and share it with family and friends. This corporation does not deserve your money.


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