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Dear Friend,
We have great, Breaking News to end a tumultuous year! New York state banned both glyphosate use on public lands and PFAS chemicals in food packaging. New York is on a roll this month, enacting very important protections for public and environmental health. We hope these victories will inspire other states to take action in 2021 and eventually force federal action.
On December 23rd, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation S.6502/A.732-B, sponsored by Senator José M Serrano and Assemblymember Linda B Rosenthal, that bans the use of toxic glyphosate on state property. New York became the first state to enact a statewide glyphosate ban on public lands. We can finally say “Good Riddance” to Bayer-Monsanto’s Roundup in parks where our children play and all other state property.
We’d like to thank all of you that participated in our campaign to pressure Governor Cuomo to sign the glyphosate ban legislation into law. If you live in New York and sent an email or made a phone call, thank you! If you live outside of New York and helped us get the word out by sharing our emails and Facebook posts, thank you! You made a difference!
And earlier in the month on December 2nd, Governor Cuomo signed legislation S.8817/A.4739-C, sponsored by Senator Brad Hoylman and Assemblymember Pat Fahy, banning the use of toxic PFAS (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl chemicals) in food packaging. New York now joins the states of Washington and Maine in banning toxic PFAS in food packaging.
Your support and your actions have made these victories possible. If you haven’t already participated in our current campaigns to ban glyphosate and regulate PFAS on the national level, please take action today. Let’s get these toxic chemicals banned across the country!
Tell your U.S. Senators to regulate PFAS chemicals and ban them in food packaging:
Friend, we wish you a safe and Happy GMO and Toxin Free New Year! Let’s take People Power to the next level in 2021!
In Solidarity,
The GMO/Toxin Free USA Team

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